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FB and YT live on 31st July 9:15 pm and 2nd Aug 7:30 pm . Details in the poster

Pallavi Darbar pallavi contest-31st July 9:30 pm IST

Ask Me Anything (AMA) on 18th 9:15 pm in Clubhouse – link below

Aashiksha – Listening and Interactive Session 20th 7.30 pm on fb

Aashiksha – Listening and Interactive Session #2

We’re extremely delighted to have Vid Bharat Sundar, Vid Trivandrum Balaji and Vid KV Gopalakrishnan for our second session, on 20th June, this Sunday. This will be a fun listening/interactive session covering a wide array of topics.

The session will be streamed live on our Facebook page. Do tune in to have a session filled with learning and fun!

Keys to India – IMPL 28/03/21 6 pm

Sansar Sangeet Utsav DAY2- Virtual Pan World Music Festival
Time – 6.30pm IST onwards
Venue –
Keys to India – Vid.Anil Srinivasan(Piano), Vid.Krishna Kishor ( Percussion), Sri.Naveen Napier(Bass), Vid.Mt Aditya (Tabla)
Guest Artist – Vid.K Bharat Sundar(Vocals) followed by interactive session with artists

Save your dates and follow our Fb page and IMPL YouTube channel
Subscribe to IMPL Youtube channel for more music –

Perumchellur Sangeetha Sabha, Taliparamba, Kerala – 20th Mar 6 pm

Kerala concert 20/03/21

rAga : Subhapanthuvarali

5th Feb, 10:30 am at Thiruvananthapuram, Dept of Music, University of Kerala

callarE rAmacandru nIpai pUla (sompaina manasutO) | Vid Bharat Sundar

Vani Mahal’s Thyagaraja Aradhana 13th Feb, 6:30 pm- live event open to Rasikas

Vid Bharat Sundar is performing on 13th Feb at 6:30 pm for Vani Mahal ‘s Thyagaraja Aradhana with Sri Vittal Rangan, Sri Trivandrum Balaji and Sri S Krishna. It is a Live concert open to all Rasikas.

Coimbatore 06/02/21 6:15 pm

Global Thyagaraja Aradhana 02nd Feb 2021 at 8 pm IST on VVSF & SAMAA ARTS FB Pages

Mudhra concert – 31/01/2021 8.15 pm on Paalam TV and Mudhra Fb and YT Channel

Mudhra online concert – 31/01/21 8 pm

Sastrasatsangh 12/01/21….6:30pm

Registration link :
Youtube link :

Ticket link for 5D Entertainments concert on 9th Jan’21

Performing arts will adopt a hybrid model in 2021

First and in-person Concert of 2021- Madippakkam Papanasam Sivan Satsangh 03/01/21 6 pm

Concert at Madipakkam Satsangh (Satsangah Road Madipakkam Chennai) with Sri Sayeee Rakshith and Sri Kishore Ramesh from 6pm. Limited seating following Covid-19 protocols.

First online concert of 2021- Naada Inbam Concert – 03/01/2021 6:15 pm on parivadini YT channel

YT Link

Review of Sunadalahari concert in The Hindu

Yours Truly Margazhi by Federation of City Sabhas on Kalakendra YT Channel – 23 December 2020

5D Entertainments – 9th Jan 2021

MMU2020 telecast 18/12/2020 on Star Vijay at 6 am

Sunaadalahari 18th December- only LIVE concert of the season- Details on booking seat/ticket

Only “Live” concert for the season for Sunaadalahari with Shri M Rajeev, Shri Praveen Sparsh. and Shri Chandrasekara Sharma, Kum Purva Dhanashree – Tambura

There are two options to view the concert

  1. In-person only the first 50 registrations will be permitted due to COVID-19 restrictions

Use this link for tickets

  1. Online

Use this for watching online…..

Grab your tickets.

Bharat Sundar K

MMU 2020 coming soon

Alserv The Ever Last Carnatic Crescendos- Dec 14th 7 pm

5D Entertainments online concerts — details soon

Shakti – Charsur December music festival

Naada Inbam concert 3/01/21 6.15 pm on Parivadinimusic YT channel

Dec 14th 7 pm

Write up on the Kalasagaram Secunderabad online Concert

Yours Truly Margazhi by The Federation of City Sabhas – Dec 23rd 2020

Kalasagaram Secunderabad concert 30/11/2020 6:30 pm

YT Link

Kalasagaram (Secunderabad) concert – 30th November on YT channel

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